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For Employers

Flexible Enrollment Solutions
Technology Solutions
  •  Core & Voluntary Benefit Enrollment Solutions

  • Online Enrollment in a face-to-face setting

  • Call-Center Enrollment with inbound & outbound recorded calls

  • Enrolled by Experienced, Licensed Benefit Counselors 

  • Custom Build-outs for Online Enrollment

  • Strategic Partnerships with "Leave-Behind" Benefits Administration Providers

  • Integrated implementation timeline to ensure technology & enrollment roll-out cohesively

Customized Pre-Communication
  • Customized Announcements, Email Blasts, and Reminders

  • Benefit Guides tailored for each unique employer

  • Landing pages prepared for pre-enrollment employee education


New Hire Onboarding
  • Educating & Enrolling new employees in company benefits

  • Online scheduling technology to streamline process between Clarity & HR

  • Enrollment elections provided to HR

HR Communication Initiatives
  • Beneficiary & Emergency Contact Updates

  • Hidden Paycheck / Benefit Statements

  • Wellness Engagement

  • Pre/Post Enrollment Surveys

  • Benefit Elections Delivered in Multiple Formats

  • Electronically signed PDF copies of the enrollment forms and/or confirmation statements

  • Formatted to fit carrier requirements

Benefit Election Delivery
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