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  • 300 Employees, Hospital 

  • Multiple medical plan offerings with different networks, creating internal confusion

  • Multiple carriers for Dental, Vision, Disability, Life andSupplemental Benefits

  • Aflac coverage in place with unnecessary product options (Dental and Vision)   

  • Low participation in Voluntary Term Life and Flex due to lack of education    

  • Annual Enrollment was done on paper for all benefits    

  • Close to 30% turnover


  • Broker consolidated medical plan into single plan offering with $1,000 deductible   

  • Consolidated Disability, Life and Supplemental Benefits with one carrier

  • Replaced Aflac coverage with more comprehensive, less expensive benefit options    

  • Provided one-on-one consultation to educate employees on benefits offering

  • Incorporated online enrollment system to educate and capture all benefit elections


  • Single Medical plan option was better understood by employees  

  • Streamlined Administration for employer by consolidation of

  • Benefits and shift to paperless environment    

  • Increased Dental participation from 20% to 35%     

  • Increased Vision participation from 24% to 38%    

  • Increased Voluntary Life participation from 10% to 48%

  • Increased FSA participation from 26% to 42%   

  • Increased worksite participation by 52% with only a 4% increase in premium.

  • Provided all benefit elections electronically eliminating paperwork and manual data entry

  • Perpetual call-center strategy for new hires addressing 30% turnover

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