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This year, Nystrom & Associates is partnering with Clarity Enrollment Solutions for annual enrollment. If you would like to speak with a benefit counselor, they will walk you through your benefits options to help ensure you're making the best decisions for you and your family.

You also have the option to log into KPAY and make your benefit elections on your own.

Read on for more information about your choices, including videos and other plan information.

You have two options to make your benefit selections for 2020.​

Option #1: Speak on the telephone at a prearranged day and time with a Clarity Enrollment Benefits counselor.

Click Here to Schedule Your Appointment

Option #2: KPAY Self Service portal. To do this in KPAY,

click here: Nystrom & Associates – KPAY


If you have questions, contact 

Feedback from 2017 Benefits Enrollment

Why we recommend that you complete your benefit enrollment with a Clarity Enrollment Solutions Benefits Counselor.

"I wanted to let you guys know that I so enjoyed meeting with my benefits counselor today. I’m thankful that we went with a different company this year. He was a complete 180 from the Colonial reps of the past. Personable, approachable, didn’t give me a creepy used car salesman vibe and so very informative.” 
- Elk River/Otsego Employee

"[The benefit counselor] was helpful and knowledgeable, and didn’t push products. She took the time to discuss life issues and figure out which benefits would be worth it to have, and which ones didn’t make sense at this time. After my previous experiences, I was dreading today's appointment and was pleasantly surprised."
- Arden Hills Employee

Medical Insurance

Health Insurance is designed to provide protection for you and your dependents in the event that you require medical care. Remember that you can help to keep your plan costs low. Although you are not required to see a network provider, your expenses will be less when you seek care within the network. Most importantly, make sure you understand your plan so that you can use your medical benefits wisely.

Learn more about your Medical Insurance: 

Click Here to View Additional Benefits Included at No Cost With Medical Insurance

Medica Logo.png

Dental Insurance

Dental Coverage is designed to provide protection to you and/or your family in the event that you require dental services during the year. Your plan is designed to encourage regular visits to your dentist, which is essential to maintaining oral health, and to provide coverage for basic diagnostic and preventive dental needs.

Vision Insurance

The plan provides reimbursement for eye exam, lenses, frames, contact lenses, and LASIK coverage. Employees may purchase coverage for spouse and/or children.

Flexible Spending Accounts

Save money on your healthcare and/or dependent day care expenses with a Flexible Spending Account.

Learn more about Medical Flexible Spending Account

Learn more about Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account

Submit claims by filling out a FSA Claim Form (available on KPAY) and submit to payroll, along with appropriate documentation.

Health Savings Account

A health savings account (HSA) is a tax-advantaged medical savings account available to employees who are enrolled in a high-deductible health plan (HDHP).

Health Savings Accounts are regulated by the IRS and specific rules apply for eligibility and preferential tax status apply. 

Whole Life Insurance

Whole life insurance can provide benefits to your loved ones if you die prematurely − and it provides coverage into your retirement years. 

Whole Life Insurance can pay money to your loved ones when you pass away, but it offers additional value as well.  This plan features a living benefit that will pay out if you are diagnosed with a terminal illness. 

Whole Life Insurance premiums won’t increase with age and your policy can build cash value over time.  You can use this cash value later in life to buy a smaller “paid-up” policy with no more premiums due!

Learn More about Whole Life Insurance

Term Life Insurance

Life insurance provides financial security for the people who depend on you. Your beneficiaries will receive a lump sum payment if you die while employed by Nystrom & Associates.

Disability Insurance

Short Term Disability Insurance can pay you a percentage of your monthly salary if you become injured or ill due to a covered disability or covered pregnancy.

Learn More about Short Term Disability Insurance

If a sudden illness of injury temporarily disrupts your life, disability benefits can help protect a portion of your income - and your family's financial security. With  Long Term Disability coverage, you can have money coming in when your paycheck isn't, to help cover your bills and protect your savings.

Accident Insurance

Accident insurance helps pay for covered accidents while you're on the road to recovery

Unum’s coverage provides a lump sum benefit based on the type of injury (or covered incident) you sustain or the type of treatment you need.


Examples of covered injuries include:

  • broken bones

  • burns

  • torn ligaments

  • cuts repaired by stitches

  • And more!

Learn More about Accident Insurance

Critical Illness Insurance

Could your bank account survive a serious illness? Get protected with group Critical Illness Insurance from Unum

Critical illness insurance can pay a lump sum benefit at the diagnosis of a covered illness.  You choose the level of coverage and you can use the money any way you see fit.

Covered Conditions Include: 
  • Cancer

  • Heart Attack

  • Kidney Failure

  • Stroke

  • and more

Learn More about Critical Illness Insurance

Hospital Indemnity Insurance

Would a trip to the hospital leave your finances in serious condition? Hospital Indemnity Insurance from Unum can help.

Hospital Indemnity Insurance can complement your health insurance to help you pay for the costs associated with a hospital stay.  It can also provide funds that can be used to help pay the out-of-pocket expenses your medical plan may not cover, such as con-insurance, co-pays and deductibles.
Learn More about Hospital Indemnity Insurance

Pet Insurance

With Pet Insurance through Nationwide, you're free to use any vet, including specialists and emergency providers. 

Learn More about Pet Insurance

How to Enroll

There are three simple ways for employees to sign up for their new pet insurance voluntary benefit:

  1. Go directly to the dedicated URL we’ve created for Nystrom & Associates:

  2. Visit and enter your company name (Nystrom & Associates)

  3. Call 877-738-7874 and mention you are an employee of Nystrom & Associates to receive preferred pricing

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